The Paysolut SEPA Instant Module

Get fast, easy-to-integrate access to SEPA Instant Credit Transfer with Paysolut. Deploy rapidly and offer your customers the transaction speed they expect.

Ultra-fast transactions across Europe with SEPA Instant

Offer the transaction speed your customers demand with SEPA Instant, providing lightning-fast payments across 36 European countries.

24/7 access to the fastest transactions in Europe

Offer real-time payments

Most SEPA Instant transactions are processed in 5 seconds or less, at any time of day, any day of the year. Make sure your customers enjoy the speed and convenience that SEPA Instant provides.

Deliver exciting new services

Use SEPA Instant to drive innovation. Design new instant payment products tailored to the fast moving markets of today. Then get them to market fast with Paysolut's easy-to-integrate SEPA Instant module.

Stand out from the competition

Provide excellent customer experience with the quickest way to move money across Europe. Get an edge against competitors by offering the benefits of instant transactions to merchants and end users alike.

Ready to add SEPA Instant to your product offering?

To add SEPA Instant to your architecture, you will also need the Paysolut SEPA Gateway module. You can learn more about our SEPA Gateway, and how you can add SEPA Instant, here.


Having SEPA Instant has been very useful from a marketing perspective. That speed in being able to receive transactions has been very well received by our clients.

Sarah Dees, CEO of My EU Pay

What is SEPA Instant?

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is a pan-European scheme that offers instant cross-border bank transfers in euro in the SEPA region. This means that transfers in euro can be sent and received between banks that have signed up for the scheme within a few seconds. And, unlike standard SEPA transfers, these can be made at any time of day, including weekends and holidays.

How does it work?

Instantaneous interbank settlement is possible because SEPA Instant uses direct routing from the sender’s banking institution to the recipient’s. The scheme doesn’t involve any intermediaries or correspondent banks.

What are the advantages?

Instant transactions with 24/7 availability provide convenience to customers, especially in instances when payment speed is important. No delays in payments also helps businesses with liquidity and cash flow management. For a full breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of SEPA Instant, plus more details on how it works, read this in-depth guide to SEPA Instant.

Streamlined access to SEPA Instant with Paysolut

Deploy quickly and easily

With our APIs, you can integrate Paysolut SEPA modules into your current architecture with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Become part of the SEPA network in a matter of days.

Get expert assistance and support

Our experts will navigate you through the SEPA application process. Get support on every step of the integration process, from applying to integration right through to aftercare.

Enjoy the flexibility of modular banking

Get the Paysolut SEPA Gateway module, then add SEPA Instant. You can also easily plug in SEPA Direct Debit, along with other non-SEPA payments and remittance modules.

The importance of SEPA Instant: SumUp case study

The global card acceptance provider SumUp needed a faster way to transfer funds to the merchants that use its services. After adding Paysolut's SEPA Gateway and SEPA Instant modules, in just weeks SumUp was able to dramatically accelerate the speed of pay-outs to its customers. Read the full case study to learn how SumUp was able to upgrade its product offering and increase the value of its services with SEPA Instant.

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