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The easiest direct access to payments within all Europe

Paysolut API provides direct and quick access to SEPA schemas via the Bank of Lithuania’s CENTROlink system. Whatever type of financial institution license you have, we give you both the technology and expertise, and guide you through all the process of SEPA payments integration into your own core system.

Technology, know-how and assistance

Simple and quick integration to your current system

Gain access to SEPA payments by integrating Paysolut as a separate module to your current infrastructure via RESTful API

Know-how and assistance for faster implementation

Use our know-how of testing the Bank of Lithuania’s payment system, and full assistance in dealing with the central bank to pass the required tests and implement SEPA payments faster.

The fast track to SEPA payments processing

  • You apply to become a CENTROlink participant.
  • We navigate you through the application process.
  • CENTROlink grants you the sandbox access.
  • You integrate your system to Paysolut and we help.
  • We guide you through the CENTROlink certification.
  • We set up your production infrastructure.
  • You go live on the date agreed with CENTROlink.


Fully automated SEPA payments processing

Automatically processes all SEPA messages. Forget manual operations through partner banks’ interfaces.

Minimize rejected payments

Because of the full automation, minimize rejected and delayed payments due to human error.

Low-cost, no hidden fees

Cost savings thanks to significantly lower CENTROlink rates than charged by any commercial bank.

Payment monitoring and notifications

Monitor payments on a convenient dashboard and receive system-to-system notifications to optimize the integration.

More benefits

Paysolut module provides access to SEPA payments via the Central Bank of Lithuania’s CENTROlink payment system. The module exchanges data with your existing system via RESTful API and converts it to ISO 20022 XMLs. Our technology enables the processing of all SEPA messages required to pass CENTROlink acceptance testing.

Get started

Some of the mandatory SEPA messages: we have it covered so that you get just a simple API

+ pacs.008 FI To FI Customer Credit Transfer
+ pacs.002 FI To FI Payment Status Report
+ camt.056 FI To FI Payment Cancellation Request
+ pacs.004 Payment Return
+ camt.029(v3) Resolution Of Investigation
+ pacs.028 (cancellation status request)
+ camt.054 Bank To Customer Debit Credit Notification
+ camt.027 Claim non receipt message
+ camt.087 Request to modify payment
+ camt.029(v8) Result of Investigation message

SEPA solution architecture

SEPA solution architecture
  1. Your system provides data for building SEPA messages by calling our RESTful API. You also use it to get the payments processing results, incoming payments, and other data.
  2. Our system then builds ISO 20022 messages based on your data and sends it to AWS CloudHSM where CENTROlink certificate – issued by BoL for your EMI – is used for signing the messages.
  3. The signed messages are received from AWS CloudHSM, so that they can be sent to and accepted by CENTROlink.
  4. Our API server then sends the signed messages to CENTROlink servers and pulls incoming payments, status messages, etc. Your can immediately see the results on the Paysolut dashboard and your own system.
  5. The message broker connected to our API server ensures your existing system receives instant notifications about any change of a transaction status so that you can optimize the data flow between the servers (update only when it’s needed).

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