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Rolling out tailored new financial services used to take months.

Launching a challenger fintech brand took even longer. Now, there’s a white-label modular-banking platform that delivers in weeks. With little or no development you can seamlessly plug in new integrations, configure them to meet your requirements, and launch new products. Welcome to Paysolut - modular banking, accelerated.

Banking technology that powers fintech growth
Why go with Paysolut?

We're all about speed. But that doesn't mean we think short-term. Our team is made up of experienced specialists in finance and banking. Many have over 15 years' experience in how to build banking products and IT architecture, ensure security, facilitate scaling, and offer great UX. That is why we are trusted by major banks and payment institutions in four continents. It is also why we are backed by SumUp.

Our payments and core banking modules enable you to:

  • deploy new solutions rapidly and at scale;
  • accelerate your time to market;
  • cut operational costs;
  • reduce upfront costs;
  • and navigate the European licensing process.

How it works

Deploy rapidly, at scale

With our modular banking technology, you can be as agile and innovative as your customers expect you to be. Whether it’s reacting to institutional changes quickly or delivering new financial products to meet customer needs, our scalable white-label banking platform allows you to beat the limitations of legacy systems and become truly agile. And with the ability to process 5 million transactions a day, you can scale as rapidly as you like.

Accelerate your time to market

Roll out new offerings at lightning pace. With our flexible, interchangeable product modules, you can quickly choose, configure and deploy the financial products your business needs. This might be payments integrations like SEPA or compliance solutions like ID document identification.

Cut your operational costs

Choosing a banking platform that’s designed for agility, speed and freedom enables you to compete with the most nimble fintechs at a fraction of the cost. And launching new services no longer threatens to be an operational nightmare. Even as the pace of change accelerates due to innovation, regulation and competition, modular banking allows you to meet the UX needs of your customers while cutting down on your costs.

Our modular approach puts you in the driver's seat

You can obtain a fully-fledged end-to-end banking and payments platform. This would cover everything from remote consumer onboarding, identification, AML and KYC, right through to IBAN issuing, payment management, transaction monitoring, and reporting to tax authorities and national banks.

Alternatively, you can pick individual modules to seamlessly plug into your existing core system. You could choose SEPA Instant, SCT and DD payments, another of our payment modules, integrations for reporting to tax authorities, or something else. So whether you’re a fledgling fintech looking for the complete backend package, or an established player who needs added functionality, we’ve got you covered.

Paysolut product modules

The Core

The Paysolut Core module is the ultimate base for your modern banking technology.

Payments origination system

This fully integrated system allows you to register and analyse your end-users’ transactions.

SEPA payments gateway

Our SEPA payments gateway allows you to connect to SEPA Clearing and Settlement services through the...

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Payment and remittance applications

This module enables you to securely transfer funds in multiple currencies. It offers a host of light, intuitive...

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